A recent audit by AFAQ/AFNOR – a world leader in the certification of management systems – has once again recognised Azito O&M’s excellent performance across all divisions by awarding the Côte d’Ivoire power plant ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001certification.

The three ISO standards are internationally recognised and used as world best practice for quality management, environmental management and occupational health and safety management respectively.

The ongoing, everyday objective of Azito O&M is three-fold: to satisfy the needs of its customers and all stakeholders by;

  • Providing on-time, high-quality and cost-effective energy that
  • Respects the environment while
  • Ensuring health and safety at work.

The AFAQ/AFNOR ISO audit held in February this year was a rigorous follow-up audit lasting two days on site. It found that the power plant fully realised its ongoing, everyday objective.

The audit, which operates on a three-year cycle, concluded that each Azito O&M division met and implemented the ISO requirements relating to its activities (procedures, practices, etc.). It found that each division demonstrated the requisite reduction of risks, malfunctions and the continuous improvement of its quality, technical, safety and environmental performances. The audit also revealed that each Azito O&M division demonstrated that customer and stakeholder requirements were met and that all applicable laws were complied with.

Included amongst the audit’s findings were zero lost time accidents (LTA), i.e. more than nine years without LTA, customer and stakeholder satisfaction by improvement of power availability at 96,2%, with zero major non-compliance and zero minor non-compliance.

ISO certification is strongly encouraged by Globeleq, aligning with our value of Excellence – striving for excellence in all we do.   Globeleq regards compliance with ISO standards as a real and meaningful tool for progress. In addition, ISO certification is not imposed by law in Côte d’Ivoire. However, since the country has included ISO certification as a selective criterion in the investment code, it has become highly recommended for any organisation wanting to conduct business with the state and its stakeholders.

The excellence of the Azito O&M power plant’s performance and resultant outstanding audit results (zero major non-compliance and zero minor non-compliance) is not only a great source of motivation and reward for the Côte d’Ivoire team, but also for Globeleq as a whole.