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The oversight of environmental stewardship, sustainability and governance, including risk management, is overseen by our Board level Environmental, Safety, Social and Governance Committee.

The Committee meetings are attended by shareholder representatives and senior management of Globeleq who are responsible for sustainability at Globeleq. We have established policies and practical common procedures which are based on international best practices. These are integrated into each stage of every project.


Health and Safety

Globeleq commits to operating a healthy, safe workplace for all who work at, or visit our power plants

Safety is a key priority and a core value for us. We aim to achieve best performance through health and safety leadership, risk identification and mitigation, and continual improvement. Investing in our people is key to this objective and we are supporting all our plant leadership as well as HSE staff to obtain recognised qualifications in health and safety management, putting health and safety at the core of our operational management.

We have set out to obtain OSHAS 18001/ISO 45001 certification for all our operating plants and have achieved this goal at all our sites, except South Africa which are working towards certification. In addition, we strive to enhance the well-being of all our employees and contractors, as well as the communities in which we operate.

Since 2018 our yearly health and safety performance rate across the business places us within the top decile of companies in our industry (based on data from the US Bureau of Labour Statistics).


Code of Conduct

Living our values means we always operate legally and ethically. The Globeleq Code of Conduct sets out the standards by which we behave and carry out our operations and business practices. While the Code covers several topics, it can be summarised in one simple sentence: Do what is right.

code of conduct

Ethics and Compliance

At Globeleq, we make responsible, considered decisions. We take responsibility for our people, partners, projects, plants, and planet seriously and hold ourselves accountable at the highest level.

Globeleq’s ethics and compliance objectives are:

  • To meet the highest ethical standards,
  • To commit and comply with applicable laws, standards, and policies, and,
  • To stop, alert, report and address any potential misconduct.

To this end, we have established policies and procedures, including regular and periodic risk assessments, written standards and controls, training and communications, audits, tracking and addressing anomalies.

The programme pertains to Globeleq’s employees and all those who work on Globeleq’s behalf as contractors and other third parties.


Globeleq seeks to meet world-class standards across our operations. This includes being dedicated to ensuring that our supply chains and business practices are free from any fo‌rm of modern slavery and human trafficking, in compliance with Section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. We take our responsibility to prevent any instances seriously and Globeleq condemns any fo‌rm of slavery or human trafficking.

View Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement.


Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Our people play a vital role in the success of Globeleq as an organisation. Having a diverse workforce where we can learn from each other’s background, culture, and knowledge is a key contributor to that success.

In our company strategy, Diversity, Equality & Inclusion (DE&I) is an important area of focus and allows us to attract and retain outstanding talent. We provide all our employees across all locations with a safe, diverse, and great workplace throughout their Globeleq careers.

By encouraging and celebrating DE&I at all levels of our organisation, we contribute to the ‘One Globeleq’ culture and our mission to Power Africa’s Growth.

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