Our Impact

Our business is to power Africa’s growth by generating and building more reliable and affordable electricity for households and businesses in Africa. As we do this, we remain committed to protecting the environment, having a positive impact on communities near our operations, and delivering financial returns for our shareholders. and local partners.

To maximise the impact of our investment, we emphasise the importance of meaningful partnerships with local stakeholders and ensure our social, economic, development programmes are sustainable in the long term. Our social economic development activities focus o‌n health, education, income generation and skills development. Our dedicated team helps to build relationships during development, construction and into operation, and this helps identify the most impactful projects to our local communities.

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Africa remains a continent where 600 million people, or 43% of the total population on the continent, lack access to electricity (International Energy Agency). Globeleq powers development and makes an impact by generating reliable and affordable electricity, playing an active role in the communities in which we operate. Since 2002, Globeleq has been the leading developer, owner and operator of independent power projects and today is solely focused on building economically sustainable businesses that support the continued development of the electricity sector, Powering Africa’s Growth.

Our strength is the ability to develop, build and operate world-class power generation in a variety of markets, selecting technology appropriate for long term sustainability and focusing on delivering new low carbon capacity. We invest capital to enhance the performance of our operations, acquire new opportunities and successfully construct and operate new generation, as well as deliver value to shareholders and investors.

Globeleq’s highly qualified team of power developers, engineers, legal, financial, ESG and administrative professionals have years of experience at all project stages. Few other IPPs have the skills and experience to handle the detailed challenges in the markets where we operate.

By providing an essential service such as electricity generation, we are impacting people’s lives, supporting economic development and raising the bar in the sector, with excellent operational performance and an exceptional health and safety record, ensuring we are keeping our people and our communities safe.


SED Investment

We want to make a sustainable positive contribution to the communities where we operate. Our investment in socio-economic development focuses on the key areas of health, education, income generation, post-school professional development and climate resilience. These are based on alignment with the UN SDGs and input from the social, economic development team in each country, who regularly meet with local community leaders to understand specific local needs.


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environment and impact

We produce more power from cleaner sources and have strong systems to manage our environmental impact. Our existing wind and solar plants will avoid an estimated 20.7 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent in their lifetime, and further projects are in development. All our development and major improvement projects at existing plants are screened to ensure they are fully aligned with our own climate commitments and the national climate plans of the countries in which we operate.