In March 2020, the Kribi Power Development Company (KPDC) was invited to take part in the preparation, organisation and success of the 35th International Women’s Day celebrations in Cameroon. This year’s theme focused on equality and the protection of women’s rights.

Accompanied by management and responding to the vibrant appeal of the women of Kribi, the KPDC ladies deployed a plan to make this event especially memorable. Although aligned with the Ministry for the Promotion of Women and Family (MINPROFF) delegation’s agenda, it received many modifications with the KPDC ladies showing great ingenuity in the development of the following programme:

  • Under the leadership of Management, a task force was set up to select the best female students from the city of Kribi and to organise the so-called Day of Excellence at the Kribi plant
  • A visit to the Kribi port facilities where all the female KPDC staff (including trainees and temporary staff) went to the Port of Kribi in the village of Mboro 30 km away
  • Participation in the grand parade in front of the authorities
  • Ongoing festivities

The Kribi Power team was greeted by the Port Commander who gave a tour of the port’s facility. It was an opportunity to benchmark, acquire good practices and make suggestions for improvement. HSE aspects were also widely discussed.

Although at the time of the visit, no case of COVID-19 had yet been detected in Cameroon, proactive measures were taken to prevent contamination. These included a containment period equivalent to the incubation time of the virus; applicable to offshore boat crew before allowing them to dock. The question of personal hygiene was also addressed.

The visit to the Port of Kribi was very informative, both in terms of the general and technical culture of the visitors and an opportunity for exchanges.

The flagship event was the parade in front of the authorities (including administrative, military, religious) and the public. A strong symbol of International Day is the wax cloth. During the preparation of the parade, the KPDC ladies (subcontractors, temporary workers, trainees included) received wax cloths and sewed magnificent outfits planned for the parade. The KPDC ladies paraded in a square formation, representing various industrial and energy companies.

KPP ladies proud of their much-applauded passage at the parade