Kribi celebrates women power

For the past three years the Kribi Power Plant (KPP) has hosted a Leadership and Excellence Day as part of its commitment to empowering women through recognition and reward of exceptional achievement, thereby championing and supporting gender balance and diversity. This year’s Leadership and Excellence Day in March 2020 celebrated thirty top-performing Kribi secondary school students accompanied by six Orientation Advisors.

The students visited the plant and, via open discussions with primarily female employees, were enlightened regarding the power generation industry. Students were also afforded the opportunity to discuss with Irenee Adjio, the KPP Medical Officer, topics such as risky sexuality, involuntary pregnancies, drugs and alcohol addiction, as well as the negative impact of social media. Besides promoting excellence and gender balance, the programme’s aim is to attract more women to the power generation sector and STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering & Mathematics) professions.

In addition, the programme is an opportunity for the schools’ Orientation Advisors to learn more about job possibilities in the industry and enable relevant schools and universities to properly advise parents and students.

The young guests were warmly welcome by KPP female staff and the Management Team. A special guest this year was the Divisional Delegate of the Ministry of Family and Women Empowerment Mrs Rachel BILOUER.
KPP’s Plant Manager Gilles ENGUENE delivered an inspirational welcome speech, stressing the importance of excellence, one of Globeleq’s core values.

An important Safety Induction was carried out by Christelle Ngambou Ngassa, the HSE Manager and First Aid and Rescue theoretical and practical training was delivered by Jacques Bertrand Etame, a technician in the KPP Emergency Response Team.

Students were invited to share their professional career goals. It was so exciting to see girls dreaming of becoming astrophysicists, pilots, surgeons, engineers, scientists, fashion designers, medical doctors, etc.
Finally, KPP female staff were invited to talk about the power generation sector and their respective jobs, including their academic background and skills required.

The Divisional Delegate of the Ministry in charge of women empowerment Rachel BILOUER commented how impressed she was by the initiative and encouraged KPP’s female staff to ensure the sustainability of this programme.