Globeleq Cameroon – Recruiting for the Future

ELITE ONE Students doing testing

Even in the midst of the global COVID 19 pandemic, Globeleq Cameroon has continued to  train and look for new talent, completing the selection of talented young engineers as part of its scholarship program called ELITE ONE.  The programme focuses on hiring top performing female and male STEM students from all over the country.

Twenty-two young engineers out of 90 short-listed candidates sourced from five universities successfully completed the very rigorous selection process which includes written tests and interviews.  Coming from all over the country, around 60% of the successful applicants are women.

The ELITE ONE Scholarship Programme applies to final year students in Engineering Schools and selects best performing students studying in power generation-related fields such as mechanical, electrical, automation, process, industrial engineering. The scholarship package provides a 6-month internship in either the Kribi or Dibamba power plants, payment of tuition fees, accommodation, and research materials. Their research topic focuses on the improvement of operations or solving a technical problem identified in our power plants.

The ELITE ONE Graduate Program involves the hiring (1-2 years contract) of young graduates in power generation-related engineering fields from the best universities in Cameroon. The Graduates, who will later move to Young Professionals status are assigned – besides their routine duties a specific project supervised by a manager. In case of any long term job vacancy, priority will be given to these talented engineers.